Sort by best selling

By default, our app will calculate the best selling rank by our own app's algorithm based on the orders. But if you want to sort by best-selling based on Shopify, we have to do the steps below manually:

Because Shopify doesn't provide a way for our app to get best-selling data, we have to create a collection sorted by best-selling. In this way, our app can get best-selling data from Shopify.

1. Go to your store admin -> Products -> Collections -> Create collection

2. In the create new collection page, enter the following information below:


Collection availability: Unselect all channels to not allow this collection visible on your store.


  • Product must match: all conditions

  • The rule like this: Price -> is greater than -> -999999999

Products: Choose sort by Best selling

3. After fill all the information below, click the "Save" button.

4. Go to Flash Search app admin -> Home -> Click "Sync your store" button

5. Wait until the sync progress is done. After finished, you can go to your store and check the result by selecting Best selling in the dropdown:

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