Filter by Metafields

In this article, we will guide you on how to configure a filter by metafields in the filter group like this:

Please read the instructions below to find out how to do this:

  1. First let's navigate to the Metafields tab in Shopify Settings -> Choose the Products metafield and the metafield type to be added.

  2. Add the value to the metafield set in Shopify products.

  3. Go to Settings in FlashSearch -> Search Fields -> Scroll down to Search fields by metafield and click on Create search field by metafield.

  4. Enter the namespace and key created from the metafield. In the Content type tab select List and hit Save.

  5. In the Default filter group click on Create filter -> Scroll down until we see our metafield filter -> Select the Filter display and hit Save.

  6. Click on the Sync tab and hit Sync your store.

You can check the video below for a visual reference.

As for the other options when created the filter, please refer to the Filter by Collections document since it's been very well documented.

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