Instant Search

1. How to enable/disable instant search feature on your theme?

Instant search is the content of the search suggestions that drop down right below the search form. When Flash Search app is installed, it will add instant search functionality to your store. Using the search widget, visitors of your Shopify store can quickly search for products they want. If they find what they need quickly, the search functionality would help you convert more visitors into customers.

If you do not want to use that function, you can disable it by using the Enable instant search feature option.

To adjust the content shows on Instant search widget, go to Theme -> Customize -> Select Instant search.

2.1. Options

General: Here you can manage the parts will show on the instant search results. You can turn on/off the parts that you want to show or drag and drop to move the position.

Note: You can preview the changes right under Preview tab.

Maximum the number of displayed results: You can change the number of results will show on the Instant search.

Choose which product fields are displayed: The are many options allow you turn on/off product fields on the Instant search.

Result on live collection page:

2.2. Look and feel

On this tab, you can design everything to show up in Instant search like change layout, color, font style...

Layout type: You can choose one of two layout types. We have two types of layout: Horizontal and Vertical.

Result vertical layout on live collection page:

General: There are some options allow you change the background, hover and label color for the Instant search area. Simply click on the pen icon to choose a color.

Result on live collection page:

Suggestions: You can change color for text and highlighted text of suggestion results.

Products: Here you can change the style for product title, price, sku, vendor and review... on Instant search.

Did you mean: The options here used to change color and font weight for "Sorry, nothing found for s.Did you mean: see?" text.

View all: The options here used to set the color for "View all results for a" text on Instant search.

Result on live page:

Not found: You can change color for text when no results are found.

Result on live page:

Product label: You can change font size, font weight and shape for product label.

2.3. Translations

You can change all text on Instant search here, except product title, vendor, SKU, price (they should be changed in Shopify). Our default text are in English. For example, if your store language is German, you can change the text to German here.

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