How to get Metaobject field key

You can learn more about what Metaobjects is:

Metaobject fields: which define the type of content you want to display in the metaobject. E.g: you define metaobject as Designer, you would define the fields as name, description, photo ...

Metaobject field key: This is used to identify a specific field.

To get the metaobject field key, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your store admin -> Settings

  1. Go to Custom data -> Select a metaobject definition

  1. In the Fields section, You can see 2 field names: name, description. At the bottom of field name, you can see 2 values:, designer.description. They are field keys. Our app will need the suffix of the key for creating search fields, so we need the key as name for name field, description for description field.

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