The general options will be applied to all Instant search widget, collection and Search pages. You can config for Product label and Price.

1. Product label

Product labels are label for products like New, Sale or Sold out. It shows the user the status of products.

To open Product label, go to customize your theme -> General -> Product label.

1.1. Look and feel

Sale label: This label will appear on products that are on sale. You can change type, background color and text color for it.

Result on live collection page:

Sold out label: This label will appear for products that are out of stock. You can change background and color for this label.

New label: It will show with new products. But with Flash Search, you can set the new label to show for products created after how many days.

1.2. Translations

You can change all labels to your language here.

2. Price

2.1. Look and feel

Price varies format: There are two types for price, a type of lowest price - highest price and other one is From lowest price.

Price color: You can change color for original, discounted and compare price.

2.2. Translations

Under Translations tab, you can change the price varies text.

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