Creating first filter

If you set up a filter group for specific collections, these collections will display this particular filter group instead of Default. If you're just starting out, to imagine how the filter works please follow the steps below to create the first filter.

1. Create filter group

To set this up, first create filter group:

Step 1: From your Flash Search admin, go to Filter -> click Create filter group

Step 2: Enter filter group name and collections.

Name: Enter the text of the name.

Collections: Choose the Collections to implement the filter group. You can choose multiple Collections for one filter group.

2. Add filter option for filter group

Step 1: Open the filter group you just created in first step -> Click Create filter.

Step 2: Select the filter type. The option type is automatically derived from your product attributes. For example: filter by collections, product options, tags, price...

Step 3: Enter the Label for the option type.

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