Wishlist King

About Wishlist King

The Wishlist App that works!

Let your customers conveniently save products to their wishlist from anywhere in your shop and Add to Cart directly from the wishlist page.

Free Setup & Customisation

We integrate the app on your store's theme, so it will blend seamlessly with your store's look & feel. Works perfectly on desktop & mobile.


Integrates with Klaviyo, all popular multi language and collection filter apps.

Benefits of this integration

Flash Search's Wishlist King integration helps display the Wishlist King wishlist on the collection and search pages that were generated by Flash Search.

Integration requirements

Wishlist King app must be installed.

To integrate Wishlist King to Flash Search, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Integrations -> Apps -> Wishlist -> Toggle Wishlist King on

3. After finished, go to your store, and here is the result on the collection/search page:

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