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The filters allow you to set up filter group on your search and collection pages. Your customers can filter your products by availability, product type, color, or other options to find the products that interest them the most. Your customers are able to accurately find the products they want within seconds. You can create multiple filters for Shopify store depending on your goods’ attributes. The different filtering methods that the app provides are as follows:
Filter by Vendor
Filter by Product type
Filter by Price
Filter by Variant's price
Filter by Weight
Filter by Product options

How to add filter options?

Step 1: Select the filter group you want to filter options.
Step 2: Select the filter type. The option type is automatically derived from your product attributes. For example: filter by collections, product options, tags, price...
Step 3: Enter the Label for the option type(By default the label is set to the Filter type).
Good to know: Splitting your product into fundamental concepts, objects, or areas can be a great way to let readers deep dive into the concepts that matter most to them.