Filter by Stock status

In this article, we will guide you on how to configure a filter by stock status in the filter group like this:

1. Filter type: Select Filter type is Stock status

2. Filter title: Enter the label for the Filter title, this label will be displayed on the storefront.

3. In stock and Out of stock: You can tick this option and change the text if you want to show the Products that are still In stock/Out of stock on the collection page.

4. Show more options: This is advanced settings for the filter option: each filter option will have additional flex options that have been optimized.

Show tooltip: by checking this option, if you want to show extra information about the filter option when the user moves the mouse pointer over the help icon that is next to the filter title.

Tooltip content: Enter the content for the tooltip.

Show search box on Desktop: If selected, a search box will show on the filter on Desktop.

Show search box on Mobile: Allows you to show a search box on the filter on Mobile.

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