Smart Wishlist

About Smart Wishlist

Smart Wishlist is the next generation wishlist for Shopify Stores which enables your customers to create wishlist without user registration or login. It is really simple to use and the wishlist can be created by just one-click. It is super-easy to setup and anyone with no coding experience can easily do this. It is used by large number of stores including many Shopify Plus stores.

Benefits of this integration

Flash Search's Smart Wishlist integration helps display the Smart Wishlist on the collection and search pages that were generated by Flash Search.

Integration requirements

Smart Wishlist app must be installed.

To integrate Smart Wishlist to Flash Search, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Integrations -> Apps -> Wishlist -> Toggle Smart Wishlist on

3. After finished, go to your store, and here is the result on the collection/search page:

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