Filter by Tags

In this article, we will guide you on how to configure a filter by tags in the filter group like this:

1. Filter type: Select Filter type is Tags

2. Filter title: Enter the label for the Filter title, this label will be displayed on the storefront.

3. Filter display: Change how the filter is display as.

4. Narrow down Tags by prefix: This operator is used to narrow down the value in the filter tags by only showing the tags started with a defined prefix. This operator is used to narrow down the value in that filter option.

5. Choose values manually: If this option is checked, you can select custom values to show your customers.

6. Excluded values: Excluding the tags that you don't want the customer to use.

7. Choose multiple filter values: If selected, your customers can choose multiple filter values instead of only one.

8. Show more options: This is advanced settings for the filter option: each filter option will have additional flex options that have been optimized.

Use AND condition: This will make it so the products have to have the exact 2 tags or more to show instead of the 1st or 2nd tag like default.

For the last couple of options I recommend to check the Filter by Collections as that document have covered them.

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