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About Loox

Collect Photo & Video Reviews

Send automatic review request emails, ask customers for reviews with delivery-based timing, and offer discounts for adding a photo or video

Beautiful looking widgets

Enjoy a first-class user interface, and choose from attractive customer review widgets - Grid, List, Carousel, Popup, Sidebar and cart page!

Generate traffic and referrals

Share Loox reviews on social; SEO; Google Shopping; Facebook Pixel Integration. Offer referral discounts to boost word-of-mouth & retention

Benefits of this integration

Flash Search's Loox integration helps your customer find high-rated products easier and significantly boosts your conversion rate.

Integration requirements

Loox app must be installed.

To integrate Loox to Flash Search, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Integrations -> Apps -> Product reviews -> Toggle Loox on

2. Wait for some minutes for sync review ratings from Loox into Flash Search.

3. After finished, go to your store, and here is the result:

On the collection/search page:

On the search bar:

Create a filter with Loox review ratings

To create a filter with Loox review ratings, please follow our guide below:

pageFilter by review rating

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